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Invest Smart
property reports by That Real Estate Guy

Are you considering buying into the property market or let’s consider you have already selected several suburbs or local government areas where you are thinking about making your purchase, or you may have already shortlisted a few properties!

The process of looking for the right property can be illusive for some and stressful for others, not knowing if you are making the right property decision. Yes, your apprehension is a very normal reaction, to feel more confident you really want to pinpoint your facts and figures. Invest Smart identifies property investment potential and investment risks, through better understanding of property market characteristics which provide the property its value, not just the purchase price.


What about you understanding the potential investment risks which could impact the properties’ value in its suburb, local government area or region. When you are about to spend so much money, you should want to know as much as possible about your properties risk profile and the characteristics which decrease or increase that risk. For example, the population in the area, demographics, planning information, public infrastructure, critical investment data and property market information. Invest Smart provides you with this important information about one of the biggest decisions and purchases you are about to make. We know all banks will be asking for this type of information.


Included in Invest Smart is a risk profile of your properties area which identifies your potential investment risks.


Invest Smart is prepared by degree qualified property professionals with tertiary qualifications in property from Australian Universities’. When you consider the hundreds of thousands, or million-dollar property price tags, Invest Smart will help you understand your properties value and minimise your risks.

Invest Smart is a unique and truly personalised property report. Invest Smart is not an automated or computer-generated report or process. It is important to understand that property investment for property investors is not all the same. Each property is unique and as such That Real Estate Guy understands you and your individual investment needs.

How to get started
Book yourself into an online zoom session for $49. This session will be credited towards your Invest Smart costs. In this session you will meet one of our property experts who will help to identify your property requirements. At the end of this session a requirements brief will be agreed, and a quotation reached. Within 7 business days of quotation agreement, your Invest Smart report will ready for presentation via zoom, and then emailed to you.


Over the last 20 years the Australian property landscape has forever changed, and property prices are now heading into seven figures across many states, cities and suburbs. I know this is probably no surprise, however buying real estate can be very stressful considering the challenging processes one has to undertake to find the right property. Invest Smart saves you time and money when purchasing your investment property, your principle place of residents or to identify a property's development potential.

At ‘That Real Estate Guy’ we focus on property intelligence, which is becoming more and more important to understand when making a buying decision. Traditionally many astute property buyers commonly obtain the obligatory reports when buying real estate, a building and pest inspection is mandatory.

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